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Semen Pruni Extract powder

  • Latin Name:   Semen Pruni
  • Synonyms:   Chinese Dwarf Cherry Seed, Yu Li Ren
  • Part of Used:   Seed
  • Specifications:   5:1 10:1 20:1
  • Appearance:   Brown fine powder
  • Application:   Medicine, food additive, dietary supplement
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Product name

Semen Pruni Extract powder 

Latin Name

Semen Pruni

Active ingredients   



Chinese Dwarf Cherry Seed, Yu Li Ren


Brown fine powder

Part used



5:1 10:1 20:1


Main benefits

constipation, weight loss

Applied industries

Medicine, food additive, dietary supplement, sports nutrition


What is Semen Pruni Extract powder?

Chinese Dwarf Cherry Seed is the dried ripe seed of Prunus humili Bge., Prunus japonica Thunb. or Prunus pedunculata Maxim. (Fam. Rosaceae). The former two are known as Xiaoliren (small Chinese Dwarf Cherry Seed) and the latter is known as daliren (large Chinese Dwarf Cherry Seed). The ripe fruit is collected in summer and autumn, removed from the sarcocarp and the shells. The drug is collected, and dried.

Chemical constituents of Semen Pruni Extract powder

Semen Pruni seed include amygdalin, 58.3% ~ 74.2% fatty oil, volatile organic acids, crude protein, cellulose, starch, oleic acid. also containing phytosterols, vitamin B1.

Fruit contains Prunuside, Ursolic acid , Vanillic acid, Protocate - chuic acid, Afzelin, Kaempferi - trin, Multiflorin, Multinoside.

Bark contains tannin ,cellulose.

Leaves contain vitamin c.

Benefits of taking Semen Pruni Extract powder supplements:

Traditional Chinese Medicine

>Constipation due to intestinal dryness

It has the action of moistening intestines for relaxing bowels which is similar but better than that of Huo Ma Ren, and removing qi stagnation in large intestine as well. For constipation due to intestinal dryness and abdominal distention due to qi stagnation, it is often combined with intestine-moistening and bowels-relaxing herbs, such as Huo Ma Ren, Bai Zi Ren and Xing Ren, as in Wu Ren Wan from Shi Yi De Xiao Fang (Effective Formulae Handed Down for Generations).


It can induce diuresis to alleviate edema. For edema and difficulty in micturition, it is often combined with herbs for inducing diuresis to alleviate edema such as Sang Bai Pi and Chi Xiao Dou, as in Yu Li Ren Tang from Sheng Ji Zong Lu.

Modern Medicine

Research has shown that Semen Pruni significantly promote intestinal peristalsis function. Prunuside of experimental animals under a strong purging effect, also has a calming and diuretic effect. Prunuside with sennoside is laxative. but the former small side effects than the latter.