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Psoralea corylifolia Extract

  • Latin Name:   Psoralea corylifolia L.
  • Synonyms:   Bakuchi, Bavanchalu, Bhavanchi-vittulu, Hakuchi, Latakasturi, Somaraji, Vakuchi, Psoralea seeds,buguzhi
  • Part of Used:   seed
  • Specifications:   20:1.10:1,5:1
  • Appearance:   Brown fine powder
  • Application:   Medicine, food additive, dietary supplement
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Product name

Psoralea corylifolia Extract

Latin Name

Psoralea corylifolia L

Active ingredients

isopsoralen , psoralen , bavachalcone , 4, 5-dehydroisopsoralidin , methyl 4-hydroxybenzoate , psoralidin , corylin 


Bakuchi, Bavanchalu, Bhavanchi-vittulu, Hakuchi, Latakasturi, Somaraji, Vakuchi, Psoralea seeds,buguzhi


Brown fine powder

Part used





1-3g daily

Main benefits

Bone disease, skin disease, Men's Health

Applied industries

Medicine, food additive, dietary supplement


What is Psoralea corylifolia?

The seed of Psoralea corylifolia L. (PCL), a well-known traditional Chinese medicine, has been applied as a tonic or an aphrodisiac agent and commonly used as a remedy for bone fracture, osteomalacia and osteoporosis in China.

Chemical constituents of Psoralea corylifolia Extract

Psoralea corylifolia Extract including the coumarins isopsoralen and psoralen, the  flavonoids isobavachalcone, bavachin, corylifol A and neobavaisoflavone, and the meroterpene phenol, bakuchiol.

Benefits of taking Psoralea corylifolia Extract supplements:

Some Reports

PSORALEA CORYLIFOLIA is a well-known traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) that has been applied as a tonic or an aphrodisiac. The seed extract of PSORALEA CORYLIFOLIA is also suggested to be useful as a remedy for bone fracture (Lim et al. 2008) osteomalacia and osteoporosis. A number of components have been isolated and characterized from this plant, including coumarins, flavonoids and a meroterpene phenol, and some of which exhibited antibacterial (Yin et al. 2004, 2006), antitumor (Sun et al. 1998; Latha et al. 2000), and estrogen-like (Shou et al. 2007} activities. There are also several documented antioxidative (Guo et al. 2005), antidepressant (Chen et al. 2005; Kong et al. 2001) and osteoblastic proliferation stimulating activities (Xiong et al. 2003; Wang et al. 2001) of the plant extracts or its constituents.

According to Ayurveda PC were used in the treatment of Wound healing and as an Aphrodisiac (Krishnamurthi et al. 1969) Powder obtained from whole plant have been used for the treatment of inflammatory diseases of skin, including leucoderma, leprosy, and psoriasis (Bourgaud et al. 1995). Diazein and Genistein are the major bioactive isoflavones reported from PC (Kaufman et al. 1997, Hsu et al. 2001).

Usually use

1.      bone disease

2.      antidepressant

3.      Men's Health

4.      skin disease

5.      anti-inflammatory

6.      anti allergic

7.      anti-oxidant

Side effects and safety of Psoralea corylifolia Extract

A small percentage of people may be allergic to the oils found in Psoralea corylifolia. If an allergic reaction were to occur, the skin may blister and become overly sensitive to sunlight. In overdose situations, there have been reports of jaundice and inflammation of the liver.

Many artichoke supplements recommend a dosage of around 1 – 3 grams per day.

Company Information:

Nutragreen Biotechnology Co., Ltd, a brand of Shanghai Lvshang Biotech Co., Ltd, is a GMP compliant and FDA registered manufacturer and supplier of raw materials of plant extracts, botanicals, herbs, especially Tradtional Chinese herbs. Psoralea corylifolia Extract is one of our most competitive ingredients with various specifications and stocks available all year round. You may leave a message below for more detailed information.

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