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Oat Straw Extract-US Stock available

  • Latin Name:   Avena sativa L.
  • Synonyms:   Oat extract, Canamino, Avena sativa extract, Oat beta glucan 80%
  • Part of Used:   Seed
  • Specifications:   β-Glucan 15% HPLC, Avenacoside 95% UV/β-Glucan 50%-90% HPLC/β-Sitosterol 2.5% HPLC
  • Appearance:   Yellow-Brown fine powder
  • Application:   morning energy boost, enhance sexual performance, Brain health,immune enhancer
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Product name

Oat Straw Extract 

Botanical Name

Avena sativa L.

Active ingredients

Oat beta-Glucan


Oat extract, Canamino, Avena sativa extract


Yellow-Brown fine powder

Part used



β-Glucan 15% HPLC, Avenacoside 95% UV/β-Glucan 50%-90% HPLC/β-Sitosterol 2.5% HPLC



Main benefits

morning energy boost, enhance sexual performance, Brain health,immune enhancer

Applied industries

Bodybuilding, men’s health, supplement, pre workout

What is Oat Straw extract?

Oat Straw extract is the excerpt of the above-ground parts of the oat plant that is left after harvesting.  In other words, this powerful extract is made from the green unripe section of the oat plant conformed by leaves and stems.Also known as Avena Sativa common oats have many beneficial properties and have been a source of nutrition & energy for centuries although of uncertain origin, Oats are thought to have come from Eastern Europe or Western Asia, oats are now cultivated globally in large quantities.  Avena Sativa is an herbal extract used for centuries as an aphrodisiac.  This extract also has the ability to improve brain function and increase energy levels. 

Benefits of taking Oat Straw extract

1. Oat Straw Extract Energy Booster

OatStraw extract is said to help with and energy deficiency. It also has a high fiber content, so if will help maintain daily regularity, and this of course is helpful on your weight loss journey, however it is important to note that oat straw extract is not a weight loss supplement. Many of your television doctors promote oat straw for other reasons than weight loss, as oat straw has so many more benefits for you. Oat straw is very high in its nutritional value, and is often taken by menopausal women to help with the symptoms of menopause.

When dopamine and epinephrine molecules are elevated in the brain, heart rate increases and sensory experience becomes more vivid. These effects have been correlated with enhanced general productivity.

2. The stimulation of libido.

This powerful extract promotes blood vessel dilation which has shown to increase blood flow to the erogenous areas improving erections and increasing feelings of desire in women. Those who take avena sativa to increase libido consistently report higher sex drives. It is Cheaper and Safer than Viagra.

3.Enhance brain health.

One last amazing quality of oat straw: it enhances the brain. Studies have shown that by taking 1600 mg of oat straw extract, that the attention, concentration and concentration of elderly adults greatly improved.