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Moringa Leaf Extract-US Stock available

  • Latin Name:   Moringa oleifera
  • Synonyms:   M. arborea, M. Borziana, M. Concanensis, M. Drouhardii, M. Hildebrandtii, M. Longituba, M. Ovalifolia, M. Peregrina, M. Pygmaea, M. rivae, M. Ruspoliana, M. stenopetala
  • Part of Used:   Leaf
  • Specifications:   10:1 TLC/Polysaccharide 30% UV
  • Appearance:   Yellow brown fine powder
  • Application:   Food additive, dietary supplement, medicine
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Product name

Moringa Leaf Extract

Latin Name

Moringa oleifera


M. arborea, M. Borziana, M. Concanensis, M. Drouhardii, M. Hildebrandtii, M. Longituba, M. Ovalifolia, M. Peregrina, M. Pygmaea,

M. rivae, M. Ruspoliana, M. stenopetala


Yellow brown fine powder

Part used



10:1 TLC/Polysaccharide 30% UV

Main benefits

Help blood glucose levels and diabetes, digester, Skin Health, Nourish the brain, strengthen the immune system, anti-inflammatory, To help the circulation of the blood, Eye health.

Applied industries

Medicine, food additive, dietary supplement

What is Moringa?

Moringa tree originated in Northern India. Records show Moringa being used in Indian medicine some 5,000 years ago.

As Moringa spread from India to other tropical and subtropical areas, it adapted to local conditions. Over time, these thirteen distinct species of Moringa developed.

People in these societies discovered a vast array of uses for Moringa. This knowledge existed in many different parts of the world—Africa, Latin America, South America, India, Indonesia, and many island nations.

Benefits of taking Moringa Leaf Extract supplements:

1.Nutritional value of Moringa Leaf:

7 timesthe Vitamin C of Oranges

4 timesthe Vitamin A of Carrots

4 timesthe Calcium of Milk

3 times the Potassium of Bananas

2 timesthe Protein of Yogurt

Nutritional analysis has shown that Moringa Leaf are extremely nutritious. In fact, they contain larger amounts of several important nutrients than the common foods often associated with these nutrients. These include vitamin C, which fights a host of illnesses including colds and flu; vitamin A, which acts as a shield against eye disease, skin disease, heart ailments, diarrhea, and many other diseases; Calcium, which builds strong bones and teeth and helps prevent osteoporosis; Potassium, which is essential for the functioning of the brain and nerves, and Proteins, the basic building blocks of all our body cells.

Not only that, but Moringa Leaf also contain a wealth of other complementary vitamins and minerals.Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, Vitamin C,Calcium, Chromium, Copper, Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, Phosphorus, Potassium, Protei, Zinc.

Another important point is that Moringa Leaf contain all of the essential amino acids, which are the building blocks of proteins. It is very rare for a vegetable to contain all of these amino acids. And Moringa contains these amino acids in a good proportion, so that they are very useful to our bodies. These leaves could be a great boon to people who do not get protein from meat.

It is noteworthy that Moringa contains argenine and histidine, which are especially important for infants who are unable to make enough protein for their growth requirements. Experts tell us that 30% of children in sub-Saharan Africa are protein deficient. Moringa could be an extremely valuable food source.

Moringa Leaf content of vitamin A, vitamin C and calcium in fresh Moringa Leaf and dried leaves, compared to common foods. Except for vitamin C, very little nutritional value is lost in the drying process. This is important because dried leaves can be stored for use much longer than fresh leaves, so that a supply is available year-round.

2. Moringa holds tremendous potential for serving the world in several ways.

They include: improvement of Human Health; use as a Livestock Fodder supplement; use as a Plant Growth Enhancer; and for production of Biogas.

One of the main uses of Moringa Leaf is for their nutritional benefits in human health.

In 1997 to 1998, a test was conducted in Senegal to examine the ability of Moringa leaf powder to prevent or cure malnutrition in pregnant or breast-feeding women and their children. This test was a collaboration between Church World Service, whose Senegal representative was well-known Moringa expert Mr. Lowell Fuglie, and the Senegalese organization Alternative Action for African Development (AGADA).

This test found the following effects to be common among subjects taking Moringa leaf powder:

                   Children maintained or increased their weight and improved overall health.

                   Pregnant women recovered from anemia and had babies with higher birth weights.

3.Moringa Leaf is an amazing super food. 

A tree really cool thing is that each part is used in one way or the other. Every leaf, pod, fruit, flowers, roots and bark can be used. It is completely safe to use, and it is in the undeveloped countries too many people, because it has the ability to more than 300 kinds of disease treatment. It is safe, any age people consumption. It have any side effects.

The best way to take moringa is powder, because it is the most easy to digest and absorb all the nutrients..

This is a surprising health benefits of Moringa leaves listing;

1 - include A high amount of vitamin A and vitamin C more than carrots and oranges

2 - the amount is very high, it is easy to be absorbed by human body of calcium

3 - high in protein

4- improve breastfeeding mothers milk production

5 - help blood glucose levels and diabetes

6 - include a high amount of potassium and zinc

7 - to support the liver, gall bladder, and kidney

8 - to enhance image stabilization energy

9 - help digestion

10 - support skin health

11 - nourishing brain

12 - to enhance the immune system

13 - the anti-inflammatory

14 - to help the circulation of the blood

15 - to help maintain healthy eyes

All of these benefits, it is nature to our natural sources. Nature has given us everything we need to treat our body and stay strong. We don't need to go to a doctor and get artificial prescription, no real cure the disease. They may mask the symptoms, but is only temporary, usually with other side effects.

Such natural herbs. In fact you give your body, what it needs, healed well, not just sweep the problem under the carpet! I strongly recommend checking out the moringa, see your true healing power!           

4.The liver

I'm a lot of research has been on the liver, they are our body and how important it is for good health. The liver is responsible for so many, we absolutely have to be more know how to keep it healthy. Our liver break down our food, purify our body toxins and handle all our sensory input, and is our hot stove. It is the only organ in the body can regenerate

In our society, our very abuse and hot liver Moringa leaves can play an important role, to help heal our liver.