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Lingonberry Extract powder(Vaccinium vitis-idaea)

  • Latin Name:   Vaccinium vitis-idaea L
  • Synonyms:   Vaccinium vitis-idaea , lingberry, lingoberry, mountain cranberry and cowberry.
  • Part of Used:   Fruit
  • Specifications:   Anthocyandins 25% UV, Anthocyanins 36% HPLC/Proanthocyanidins 5% UV, Anthocyandins 1.5% UV/4:1 (Anthocyandins 1.2%-1.5% UV)
  • Appearance:   Dark purple fine powder
  • Application:   Medicine, food additive, dietary supplement
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Product name

Lingonberry Extract powder

Latin Name

Vaccinium vitis-idaea L

Active ingredients



Vaccinium vitis-idaea , lingberry, lingoberry, mountain cranberry and cowberry.


Dark purple fine powder

Part used



Anthocyandins 25% UV, Anthocyanins 36% HPLC/Proanthocyanidins 5% UV, Anthocyandins 1.5% UV/4:1 (Anthocyandins 1.2%-1.5% UV)


Main benefits

Antioxidant, anticancer, boost the immune system

Applied industries

Medicine, food additive, dietary supplement

What is Lingonberry Extract powder?

Lingonberry is a low creeping evergreen shrub, grow in North America and Eurasia. Lingoberry has drooping clusters of small white or pinkish flowers. Lingonberry produces more fruit in full sun. Its leaves are dark green and waxy.

These little-known distant cousins of cranberry fruit are much smaller and juicier than their other berry counterparts and are a potent source of preservatives and pectins.

These small berries are believed to be excellent source of vitamin A, B and C and are power-packed with other essential nutrients like calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium and potassium. Because of their rich nutritional value, lingonberries are believed to favor both blood and bone health.

Chemical constituents of Lingonberry Extract powder

Lingonberry is rich source of fibers, sugar, vitamin A, vitamin C and magnesium. Lingonberry also consists of large amount of flavonoids and lignans. Lignans and flavonoids are believed to be anti-cancer. Lingonberry is also rich in benzoic acid, thus, they are often used as antimicrobial agents in food preparations.

Now use the highest degree, the active ingredient is anthocyanin.

Benefits of taking Lingonberry Extract powder supplements:

Like some anthocyanins material has the following effect:

>Reduce blood pressure

>Reduce oxidized LDL cholesterol levels

>Reduce inflammation

>Reduce the chance of a heart attack

>Reduce recovery time following a heart attack

>Reduce weight gain

>Reduce eye inflammation

>Reduce muscle recovery time after workouts

>Regulate Blood sugar

>Reduce the chance of developing cancer

Side effects and safety of Lingonberry Extract powder

Lingonberry Extract appears to have few side effects when used properly.

Pregnant and breastfeeding women should not take Lingonberry Extract.

Dosage of Lingonberry Extract powder supplement:

Consult your physician if you have any questions about the proper use of Lingonberry Extract supplements.

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