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Epimedium extract

  • Latin Name:   Epimedium brevicornu Maxim.
  • Synonyms:   Horny Goat Weed extract
  • Part of Used:   Stem & Leaves
  • Specifications:   Icariin5%-98%
  • Appearance:   Brown-Yellow fine powder
  • Application:   Health food & Beverage
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Product name

Epimedium extract

Botanical Name

Epimedium brevicornu Maxim

Active ingredients

Icariin ,Icariins


Horny Goat Weed, Icariin, Icariins,Yin yang huo, Fairy Wings, Rowdy Lamb Herb,  barrenwort, bishop's hat,


Yellow Brown powder

Part used

leaf /Stem&Leaf


Icariin 10%HPLC, Icariin 20%HPLC,Icariin 50%HPLC,Icariins 10%HPLC,Icariins 20%HPLC,Total Flavones 10% HPLC,80 Mesh powder

Main benefits

Sexual enhancer, testosterone booster, libido, aphrodisiac, Osteoporosis

Applied industries

Bodybuilding, men’s health, supplement, pre workout


What is Epimedium extract?

Epimedium extract, according to Wikipedia, has many other names, such as Horny Goat Weed, Yin Yang huo, Rowdy Lamb Herb, Bishop's Hat, Barrenwort, Fairy Wings, etc. Many people may take icariin or icariins for epimedium extract. Make sure that icariin is the main active ingredient in epimedium plant. The current epimedium extract is dominantly standardized for icariin only. Spec ranges from1% to 98% hplc. If you are not sure about the differences between icariin and icariins, you may send inquiry to us for help. Of course, we can manufacture the epimedium extract according to your specific requirement.


Species of Epimedium extract available in China

The Epimedium species have been used extensively in Traditional Chinese Medicine for their warming or “Yang” tonic effect, which shows great therapeutic properties for the kidney, enhances the immune system, and increases sperm production, thereby acting sexual enhancement. Up to date, over 60 species of Epimedium have been reported, but only five of these are recorded in the Chinese Pharmacopeia, namely, Epimedium bravicornum Maxim., Epimedium sagittatum Maxim., Epimedium koreanum Nakai, Epimedium pubescens Maxim. and Epimedium  wushanense T.S. Ying.


Chemical constituents of Epimedium extract

There are many other ingredients in epimedium extract as well, such as flavones, Quercetin, Ikarioside A and B (wanshanense), Anhydroicaritin, Desmethylanhydroicaritin, Sagittatoside B , Diphylloside A and B, etc. Flavonoids are the main active chemical constituents of Epimedium species, the four major flavonoids contributing to their effects being epimedins A, B, and C, and icariin. These biologically active constituents are flavonol glycosides with an isoprenyl group substituted on carbon 8. However, analysis of natural health products currently available on the market containing Epimedium relys mostly on the presence of icariin. CPC established characteristic Rapid Resolution Liquid Chromatography (RRLC) profiles for complex mixtures of flavonoids from Epimedium species. The Zorbax Eclipse XDB column is able to fully separate four major flavonoids, which are epimedins A, B, and C, and icariin, for both quantitative and qualitative analysis in less than 3 minutes.


How does Epimedium extract work?

Research has shown that Epimedium extract can inhibit an enzyme called acetylcholinesterase (AChE). AChE rapidly stops neurotransmission at cholinergic synapses like those found in the brain and at neuromuscular junctions, which are needed for speedy responses in the neuromuscular system. By inhibiting AChE, Horny Goat Weed supports higher levels of the key cholinergic neurotransmitters associated with sexual arousal.


Icariin, a component of epimedium extract, A potent vasodilator with anabolic and anti-catabolic effects, works through several different mechanisms:

1.by increasing nitric oxide (NO) through PDE5 inhibition,

2. by acting as a potent anti-catabolic agent that increases the testosterone to cortisol ratio,

3.by increasing muscle contractility by deactivating AchE (Acetycholinesterase),

4.by boosting endogenous testosterone levels through increasing cAMP and luteinizing hormone and decreasing prolactin. It also is considered a Phytochemical Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator or P-SARM. A P-SARM is a phytochemical (plant-derived) compound that mimics the effects of androgens on muscle mass, strength, bone growth, drive, and sexual function, while at the same time not negatively effecting blood lipids or blood pressure.


As mentioned before, Icariin has potent anti-catabolic effects, along with testosterone-mimicking and muscle-contraction-enhancing benefits - several studies have shown that it actually competes with glucocorticoids for receptor sites in a manner similar to testosterone, while at the same time improving the testosterone to cortisol ratio. This is caused by two different mechanisms of action: the aforementioned competition with glucocorticoids, and also increased testosterone production, through increased cAMP (cyclic AMP, a second messenger important in hormone signaling) levels, luteininzing hormone (LH) levels, the actual mimicry of testosterone in spermatogenesis, and decreased prolactin levels. Icariin seems to block glucorticoids from binding to cortisol receptors, thus blocking the action of cortisol. This alone will cause an anabolic effect by positively skewing the T:C ratio, which is a trigger for greater protein synthesis, increased aggression towards the iron, and insane muscle contractions


Epimedium extract is a 'tonic-type' herbal supplement, not a stimulant. In other words, it takes a few doses to a week before you start noticing its sexual enhancement effect.


Benefits of taking Epimedium extract supplement:

Icariin is the active ingredient in Epimedium extract (Horny Goat Weed). The benefits of epimedium have been shown in research to increase circulating levels of testosterone and Nitric Oxide. Icariin has also shown to have a positive influence on treating sexual disfunction. The key common benefits of epimedium extract are listed as below:


1. Improve sexual drive and testosterone level

Epimedium extract is mainly used in China, United States and other western countries as an Aphrodisiac. It can cure Erectile dysfunction (ED), enhance sexual performance by enhancing the testosterone level.

epimedium products have been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine as a means to treat male sexual disorders. Epimedium herbal supplements can be used to increase male sexual potency and also serve as a powerful aphrodisiac, thus boosting the libido in men. Icariin benefits are not limited to just boosting libido and sexual energy. Icariin is also noted to increase lean muscle production to help men achieve a more muscular physique. This mechanism is the reason why icariin is an active ingredient of numerous supplements used by athletes and body builders. Icariin helps produce healthy energy levels, supports endurance, and decreases the physical effects of stress to the body.


2. Epimedium and Osteoporosis

Developing research shows that taking a specific extract of horny goat weed for 24 months seems to decrease bone loss of the spine and hip in women who have passed menopause.  Epimedium as a supplement features ingredients that can help manage cortisol levels within the blood. As a result, a reduction of bone deterioration and an increase in muscle mass can occur within the body since cortisol levels directly affect these body structures.


3. Anti-Cancer For Many Cancers.

Epimedium extract offers significant benefits in treating certain cancers. It contains active ingredients, which inhibit growth of too much blood vessels in the body, thereby limiting the possible development of cancer tumors both on skin and in the organs. Furthermore, lab tests show the capability of epimedium extracts to stop cell growth of cancer cells


4. Memory Protection.

It looks like Icarrin can protect the brain from the deadly tau proteins that are characteristic of Alzheimer's. Animal studies strongly indicate that Icarrin can protect against certain kinds of memory loss. That includes memory loss resulting from aluminum damage


SIDE EFFECTS AND CAUTIONs of taking Epimedium extract

As of now, it is not known whether the use of the herb epimedium is contradicted for any condition or there are any warnings regarding the use of this herb. Nevertheless, excessive use of the herb, which is often the prescribed dosage of this medication, may result in side effects, such as increased thirst, dizziness, nausea and even nosebleed.


Dosage of Epimedium extract

Since there are more than 10 popular specifications of the epimedium extract, there is not unified dose. Higher dosage per serving like 98% icariin of course will be much lower than the 10%. In addition, different people and different purposes of taking epimedium may result in different dosage. The appropriate dose of horny goat weed depends on several factors such as the user's age, health, and several other conditions.  Because dietary supplements and foods are not required to seek approval from the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), studies to find the safest and most effective dosages for dietary supplements or foods are rarely performed. Without such studies, only vague "trial and error" information is typically available. Even if good dosing information were available, there may be significant variability of the content, purity, and strength among different brands of the same dietary supplement, making consistently safe and effective dosing difficult.