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Cassia Nomame Extract powder

  • Latin Name:   cassia nomame (sieb) kitagawa
  • Synonyms:   cassia nomame
  • Part of Used:   Herb
  • Specifications:   Flavanols 8%
  • Appearance:   Dark Brown-Yellow fine powder
  • Application:   Medicine, food additive, dietary supplement
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Product name

Cassia Nomame Extract powder

Latin Name

Cassia mimosoides L.

Active ingredients



Nomame, fishbone cassia


Dark Brown-Yellow fine powder

Part used



Flavanols 8% UV


Main benefits

weight loss

Applied industries

Medicine, food additive, dietary supplement, sports nutrition


What is Cassia Nomame Extract powder?

Cassia Nomame P.E. is a source in the natural product industry to help people with weight problems by using its lipase inhibition activity to prevent the fat absorption. This time in a natural fashion, the mechanism of lipase inhibition demonstrated by a new OTC pharmaceutical has already been marketed.

How dose work Cassia Nomame Extract powder

Cassia nomame is able to block the absorption of fat into your bloodstream by impairing the enzyme that makes fat breakdown possible. So these fat molecules remain whole, and your body does not even gain calorie content from them. They continue through our system and are eliminated as waste.

Lipase inhibitors are proving significantly effective in the weight loss area. Many double blind studies conducted in both the US and Europe tested thousands of people. Reports are showing lipase inhibitors block up to 30% of the fat ingested. Studies at PKU China report a 28% inhibition of fats (lipase) absorbed.

Benefits of taking Cassia Nomame Extract powder supplements:

Natural lipase inhibitors

Two studies support the use of echinacea for this purpose.

Flavan dimers with lipase inhibitory activity from Cassia nomame

Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Okayama University, Tsushima, Okayama 700, Japan

Five flavan dimers which showed lipase-inhibiting effects were isolated from fruits of Cassia nomame (Leguminosae). Structures of two new compounds among them were determined to be (2S)-3,4,7-trihydroxyflavan-(4β 8)-catechin and (2S)-3,4,7-trihydroxyflavan-(4α 8)-catechin. Fouf flavan dimers structurally related to these two compounds were also synthesized for spectral comparison. Among 10 flavan dimers tested for lipase-inhibitory activity, (2S)-3,4,7-trihydroxyflavan-(4α 8)-catechin showed the most potent inhibitory effect. A partially purified fraction composed of oligomeric flavans with Mn 1020 also showed a noticeable inhibitory effect.

Anti-obesity effects of lipase inhibitor CT-II, an extract from edible herbs, Nomame Herba, on rats fed a high-fat diet.


Department of Biotechnology, Lotte Co. Ltd, 3-1-1 Numakage, Urawa-shi, Saitama, Japan.



The assay for the inhibitory effect of CT-II on lipase activity was performed by measuring released free fatty acids after the incubation of the medium with CT-II, porcine pancreatic lipase and triolein (experiment 1). In vivo experiments, lean rats or obese rats (570-718 g) were fed a high-fat diet containing 60% fat with or without CT-II for 8 weeks (experiment 2), for 14 days (experiment 3) or for 12 weeks (experiment 4), respectively.


The time course of body weight, food intake, organ weight (parametrial fat, liver, heart and kidney) and plasma parameters (triglyceride, total cholesterol, glucose, AST, ALT and insulin), fecal output of total fat and total cholesterol were measured. Hepatic histological examinations were also performed.


CT-II inhibited the porcine lipase activity dose-dependently in vitro (experiment 1). Body and liver weight were reduced and hepatic histological examination showed an amelioration of fatty liver in CT II treated animals (experiment 2). CT-II significantly inhibited body weight gain and plasma triglyceride elevation in a dose-dependent manner, without affecting food intake in lean rats fed the high-fat diet. Elevated plasma AST and ALT were also decreased (experiment 3). When obese rats fed the high-fat diet were treated with CT-II for up to 6 months, body weight was initially reduced and thereafter weight gain was significantly suppressed. Total body fat was also significantly reduced and significant reduction of plasma AST and ALT was observed (experiment 4).

These results demonstrated that the lipase inhibitor CT-II is effective in preventing and ameliorating obesity, fatty liver and hypertriglyceridemia in rats fed a high-fat diet.

Other use

All the grass medicine, treat night blindness, eye ", migraine;Seed diuresis, lack; To Gan disease polio, night blindness, eye --beriberi, jaundice. Leaves shanghai.by tea; Root leaf nitrogen is rich, perishable quality is covered.

Side effects and safety of Cassia Nomame Extract powder

People a lot of take can cause diarrhea, pregnant women eat more there had a miscarriage.

Dosage of Cassia Nomame Extract powder supplement:

Consult your physician if you have any questions about the proper use of Cassia Nomame Extract supplements.