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Capsicum Extract powder-US Stock available

  • Latin Name:   Capsicum annuum
  • Synonyms:   Pepper, capsicum pepper plant, piper nigrum, peppercorn
  • Part of Used:   Fruit
  • Specifications:   10:1/Capsaicin 2.5%-98%HPLC(None chemical additive)
  • Appearance:   Red brown fine powder
  • Application:   Food additive, dietary supplement, medicine
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Product name

Capsicum Extract powder

Latin Name

Capsicum annuum

Active ingredients



Pepper, capsicum pepper plant, piper nigrum, peppercorn


Red brown fine powder

Part used



10:1/Capsaicin 2.5%-98%HPLC(None chemical additive)


1000mg daily

Main benefits

Weight loss

Applied industries

Food additive, dietary supplement, medicine


What is Capsicum Extract powder?


Capsicum is a vegetable that comes in an exciting range of colors, like green, red and yellow. It is native to America and in fact, has been cultivated by the people of the tropical Americas since the past thousands of years. Known by a number of names, like chili pepper, bell pepper and red or green pepper, the vegetable is used as a spice, medicine and obviously, a vegetable. Apart from being good in taste, capsicum also holds a great degree of nutritional value and accords numerous health benefits to its users.


Chemical constituents of Capsicum Extract powder


Capsicum contains up to 1.5% (usually 0.1–1.0%) pungent principles, composed mainly of capsaicin; other pungent alkaloid principles (capsaicinoids) include dihydrocapsaicin, nordihydrocapsaicin, homocapsaicin, and homodihydrocapsaicin, with the last two in minor concentrations. Other constituents present include carotenoids (capsanthin, capsorubin, β-carotene, lutein, zeaxanthin, etc.); fats (9–17%), proteins (12–15%), vitamins A, C, and others; and a small amount of a volatile oil made up of more than 125 components of which 24 were identified, including 4-methyl-1-pentyl-2-methyl butyrate, 3-methyl-1-pentyl-3-methyl butyrate, and isohexyl isocaproate. 


How does Capsicum Extract powder work?


There are three main way capsicum extract will help you fight the battle against weight loss.


1.Capsicum Extract powder increases your energy expenditure.

Capsicum Extract powder increases catecholamine secretion from the adrenal gland, this stimulates beta-1-adrenergic receptors in your body. These receptors cause an increase activity of the muscular responsible for increasing the heart rate. This in-turn causes an increase in energy and burns extra calories.


2.Capsicum Extract powder deters fat cell growth.

It’s been found that Capsicum Extract powder actually changes how fat cells function. Instead of growing as they normally would, Capsicum Extract powder has been shown to help shrink fat cells by making them more metabolically active. People given a supplement containing .4 milligrams capsicum and 625 milligrams green tea extract for two weeks showed a drop in body fat compared to their starting values.


3.Capsicum Extract powder reduces your food intake.

Research done in Netherland took both healthy men and women and gave them a supplement containing 9 grams hot red pepper with tomato juice 30 minutes before they consumed each of the four daily meals. The satiety was greatly increased in both men and women. This shows how Capsicum Extract powder can help you eat less.


Benefits of taking Capsicum Extract powder supplements:


1.Antioxidant properties

Capsicum Extract powder is an excellent source of vitamin C – a powerful antioxidant that helps in combating free radicals responsible for cell damage as well as increased risk to disease. Therefore, regular use of capsicum for culinary purposes can reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease, cataracts and bronchial asthma.


2.Pain relief
Studies show that compounds present in Capsicum Extract powder provide pain relief by blocking pain nerves. This is useful in alleviating neuralgia, the discomfort and pain related to amputation, trauma and herpes zoster. Besides aiding pain relief, capsicum lowers triglycerides levels in the bloodstream and burns calories as well.


3.Laxative effect
Capsicum Extract powder has a laxative affect thus works well on common digestive disorders, such as constipation and irregular bowel movement. It is however advisable to use it in moderation to prevent the onset of adverse effects.


4.Prevents liver disease
This nutritious vegetable contains essential minerals and vitamins, including vitamin A and capsaicin- which work effectively to treat a number of ailments, including impotency and cancer. Recent studies further show that capsicum inhibits bacterial borne diseases like Vibrio vulnificus.


5.Cardiovascular benefits
This vegetable lowers cholesterol level in the bloodstream thus is useful in preventing the onset of stroke and cardiovascular disease. Capsicum Extract powder is also believed to have anti-inflammatory effects thereby help quell symptoms of arthritis and osteoporosis.


6.Loss weight

The chilli pepper family is rich in “capsainoids” which has a peculiar ability to boosting metabolism, reducing calories and burning body fat. The benefits of capsicum for weight loss are partly attributed to the thermogenic properties of the extract.


Side effects and safety of Capsicum Extract powder


Since capsicum extract is all-natural, it may be obvious that the side effects are small and many people regard capsicum extract to be side effect free. Base on all the research that has been done about the natural weight loss supplement, there are no known side effects associated with capsicum extract.


This could be a huge relief to those who has suffered from unpleasant side effects of weight loss therapy in the past. Even if there are no known side effects about capsicum extract, it may be a good idea to have a conversation with you doctor before you start taking it.


Dosage of Capsicum Extract powder supplement:


When the consumption of natural extracts for weight loss, one of the most important thing you should consider is the right dose. In order to experience the weight loss effect of natural extracts such as capsicum, you should take the proper dose of a regular schedule every day.


The recommended dose of capsicum extract to lose weight is 500mg twice a day. You can take one 500mg dosage of capsicum extract in the morning when you wake up, and then take the second 500mg dosage of capsicum extract in the afternoon.


It is suggestion for you to take your capsicum dosage with a large glass of water before a meal. It may work better consumption of proper dosage before your breakfast with a large glass of water. You can also take the second dosage with a large glass of water about 30 minutes before you lunch break.


By sticking with a regular schedule of consuming capsicum extract before a meal, it may be easier to remember to take the supplement. Often times individuals who want to lose weight do not stick with a regular schedule and end up forgetting to take the supplement at all. 


Some people want to know if taking more than 500 mg twice a day is safe. Because of Capsicum Extract powder is natural supplement, and there is no known side effects, it may lose more weight by increasing the dosage of Capsicum Extract powder. It is a topic that should be talked with a medical doctor or your personal physician. Only a doctor can give medical advice about how much of a weight loss supplement you should take. Based on the use of this site is for reference only, you should be sure to talk to your doctor before trying anything extreme.