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Black soybean hull Extract powder

  • Latin Name:   Glycine max(L.)Merr.
  • Synonyms:   black bean, lu bean, liao bean, lingwu bean
  • Part of Used:   hull
  • Specifications:   Cyanidin-3-O-Glucoside 5%,10% HPLC/Anthocyanin 5%-25%UV
  • Appearance:   Red purple fine powder
  • Application:   Medicine, food additive, dietary supplement
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Product name

Black soybean hull Extract powder

Latin Name

Glycine maxL.Merr.

Active ingredients



black bean, lu bean, liao bean, lingwu bean


Red purple fine powder

Part used



Cyanidin-3-O-Glucoside 5%,10% HPLC/Anthocyanin 5%-25%UV


Main benefits

Antioxidant, preventing diabetes, boost the immune system

Applied industries

Medicine, food additive, dietary supplement

What is Black soybean hull Extract powder?

Glycine max was domesticated in northeastern China from the wild Glycine soja, the earliest evidence of cultivation dating back to over 3,000 years ago. Domestication is a process of trial and error and not an event. In the case of the soybean, this process probably took place during the Shang dynasty (ca. 1,700 - 1,100 BC) or perhaps earlier. By the first century AD the soybean probably reached central and south China, as well as peninsular Korea. The movement of the soybean within the primary gene center is associated with the development, consolidation of territories, and degeneration of Chinese dynasties.

Black soybean is also referred to as black bean, lu bean, liao bean, or lingwu bean. According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, black material can have an effect on kidney, and black soybean, being sweet-warm and innocuous, can

affect kidney and spleen as well as heart meridian. Black soybean is thought to have function in tonifying kidney and improving physique, dehumidification and diuresis, as well as resisting aging and prolonging life. Eating black soybean is believed to

improve skin, benefits look, replenish marrow, enhance strength, and increase appetite. Researchers have found that black soybean is highly nutritious, and is one of the five kinds of black food which are very popular in the market.

Chemical constituents of Black soybean hull Extract powder

Black soybean's constituents are basically the same as that of regular soybean, and it contains fat, protein and sugar, vitamins B1, B2, and B12, carrotene, nicotinic acid, isoflavones (daidzein and genistein), soyasapogenol, choline, biotin and minerals, such as potassium, iron. The protein contained in black soybean is higher (49.8 percent) than regular soybean.

Now use the highest degree, the active ingredient is anthocyanin(hull).

In Chinese concept, the blackness in black soybean makes it particularly good in nourishing kidney. It is also good for skin. Long-term consumption of black soybeans could make one's skin fine and white.

Benefits of taking Black soybean hull Extract powder supplements:

Like some anthocyanins material has the following effect:

>Reduce blood pressure

>Reduce oxidized LDL cholesterol levels

>Reduce inflammation

>Reduce the chance of a heart attack

>Reduce recovery time following a heart attack

>Reduce weight gain

>Reduce eye inflammation

>Reduce muscle recovery time after workouts

>Regulate Blood sugar

>Reduce the chance of developing cancer

Side effects and safety of Black soybean hull Extract powder

Black soybean hull Extract powder appears to have few side effects when used properly for short periods of time.

Pregnant and breastfeeding women should not take Black soybean hull Extract

Dosage of Black soybean hull Extract powder supplement:

Consult your physician if you have any questions about the proper use of Black soybean hull Extract powder supplements.