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Artichoke Extract powder-US stock available

  • Latin Name:   Cynara scolymus
  • Synonyms:   Alcachofa, artichaut
  • Part of Used:   Leaf
  • Specifications:   Cynarin 2.5%-10% UV/caffeoylquinic acid 1.25% HPLC (5:1)/ 4:1 TLC
  • Appearance:   Brown fine powder
  • Application:   Medicine, food additive, dietary supplement
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Product name

Artichoke Extract powder

Latin Name

Cynara scolymus L

Active ingredients



Alcachofa, Artichaut


Brown fine powder

Part used



Cynarin 2.5%-10% UV/caffeoylquinic acid 1.25% HPLC (5:1)/ 4:1 TLC


1500-2000mg daily

Main benefits

Antioxidant, anticancer, liver protection, anti-diabetes

Applied industries

Medicine, food additive, dietary supplement


What is Artichoke Extract powder?


Artichoke, or Cynara scolymus, is a perennial plant of the thistle or daisy family. It is eaten throughout many parts of the world as a delicacy, and its extract is used for several health benefits. Artichoke extract is taken from the long, serrated leaves at the base of the plant. This is the area of the plant that is most dense in biologically-active compounds, which are considered to be the health benefits of artichoke extract.


One of the oldest cultivated plants in the world, artichoke is native to Northern Africa, the Canary Islands and Europe. Evidence of artichoke cultivation as a food and health source dates back to ancient Egypt, but the extract did not begin to surface until 1934. Cynarin was the first form of artichoke extract to be discovered and used. At that time, it was believed that cynarin was the only active component of the plant. It was used primarily to lower cholesterol and stimulate the liver.


Since that time, other active compounds have been discovered and extracted from the plant. Artichoke extract now generally contains a full range of substances, such as luteolin, scolymoside and flavinoids, which are believed to improve health in several ways. Uses for the extract include cleansing the liver, aiding digestion and lowering cholesterol.


Chemical constituents of Artichoke Extract powder


The leaves of the artichoke contain a high content of pharmacologically active ingredients, including three essential groups consisting of caffeeolyquinic acid, flavonoids and bitter substance. Within these groups are constituents such as caffeic acid, chlorogenic acid, cynarin, luteolin, and the glycosides scolymoside and cynaroside. Among the most important of the CCS are the 1,3-Di-O-CCS, choloregenic acid and the non-genuine Cynarin, which was the first constituent to be extracted. Cynarin was originally thought to be the single active component in artichoke leaf extract and was often used as a monosubstance. However, further research observes that other active ingredients play a significant role in the effectiveness of artichoke leaf extract antioxidant. It was found that the whole complex of compounds is considered just as active and aid in the many beneficial results.


Benefits of taking Artichoke Extract powder supplements:


1. High in Antioxidants


A survey completed by the USDA discovered that artichokes have an overabundance of anti-oxidants as compared to almost every other veggie plus they rated 7th within a research of the anti-oxidant levels of 1,000 distinct food items. A number of the effective anti-oxidants in artichokes are generally quercertin, rutin, anthocyanins, cynarin, luteolin, and silymarin.


2. Cancer Prevention


There are numerous additional effective polyphenol-type anti-oxidants present in artichokes which scientists think can promote the avoidance and also control over prostate cancer, cancer of the breast, as well as leukemia. Research indicates that the anti-oxidants rutin, quercetin, as well as gallic acid present in artichoke leaf extract have the ability to stimulate apoptosis (cell death) and lower the expansion of cancer cells.


In investigation carried out at Comenius University in Slovakia, artichoke leaf extract was analyzed because of its capability to prevent development of leukemia cells. Over the 24-hour time period, leukemia cells were cured with a number of concentrations of artichoke leaf extract, along with results recommending that it puts an anti-proliferative action on leukemia cells whilst causing apoptosis of the cells too. Additionally, scientists in the University of Georg-August in Germany have stated that the numerous phytochemicals within artichokes assist to prevent the release of cancer agents, therefore suppressing the angiogenesis associated with cancer.


3. Increased Bile Flow


The pulp of artichoke leaves includes a polyphenol anti-oxidant known as cynarin that raises bile movement.


4.  Liver protection


The hepatoprotective results of artichoke have already been analyzed by doctors in France as soon as the very first half of the twentieth century. The artichoke anti-cholera property (boosts the release of bile) led to a sour and also fragrant compound: cynarin. It really is specifically beneficial in cases of hyperemia or even liver failure, jaundice as well as poor digestion of fats. Revitalizing the secretion of bile, the artichoke likewise helps combat bowel problems. The leaves of the artichoke include sterols, magnesium, and also potassium, substances that behave together along with cynarin. Artichoke seems to bring about the regeneration of liver cells that are subjected to numerous harmful toxins. If this property is verified by scientific studies, artichoke might be utilized to safeguard the liver for people struggling with cirrhosis.


5. Digestive Health


The high power of cynarin within artichokes not just affects cholesterol levels, but in addition can give rise to aiding in digestive health. Cynarin is recognized to promote the creation of bile, which helps us to absorb fats and also soak up vitamins from the food, making artichokes an effective way to begin any kind of meal. Research has shown that artichoke leaf extract can be quite ideal for individuals struggling with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and also dyspepsia, or even upset stomachs. In the research carried out in the University of Reading in the United Kingdom, 208 adults who suffered with IBS and also dyspepsia were supervised over a two-month period of intervention along with artichoke leaf extract. Final results demonstrated a 26.4% decrease in IBS incidence among the individuals at the conclusion of the trial. An important shift of self-reported bowel patterns away from “alternating constipation/diarrhea” toward “normal” was observed too. Dyspepsia symptoms additionally reduced by 41% after treatment, as well as in general, the individuals observed a 20% rise in standard of living soon after treatment.


6. Hangover Treatment


Due to their positive results within the liver, many individuals recommend artichokes like a hangover treatment method. Rather than the hair of the dog, try out the leaves of the artichoke.


7. Artichoke Leaves Lower Cholesterol


Initial research has shown artichoke leaves reduce cholesterol levels and lower the chance of cardiovascular disease. A double-blind, placebo-controlled research of 144 individuals with raised levels of cholesterol shown the advantages of an extract produced from artichoke leaves.In comparison to a placebo, artichoke leaf extract decreased total cholesterol and also LDL-cholesterol in individuals with higher levels of cholesterol. In reality, their LDL cholesterol levels decreased by 23% – without having affected HDL. (the great cholesterol). An additional research released in Phytomedicine additionally discovered cholesterol-lowering advantages of artichoke leaves even though the outcome was more sensible.


8. High in Fiber


One huge artichoke includes a quarter of the suggested every day consumption of fiber. A moderate artichoke offers much more fiber than the usual cup of prunes.


9. Diabetes


The artichoke is abundant with carbohydrates. However, the type present in artichokes (polysaccharide or starch) is dealt with by the body in a different way simply because it’s in the form of insulin. And as everyone knows, insulin assists strengthen the blood sugar level of those individuals impacted by diabetic issues. Make certain although, that the artichoke you purchase is fresh. Since the artichoke ages, it changes the insulin into other kinds of sugar and also would no longer be good for diabetes sufferers.


10. Hair Health


Artichoke consists of vitamins A, B, C, calcium and also phosphorus. You will get green artichoke leaves and cover all of them with water (little, they simply covered) and after that boil them. As soon as it gets to the boiling point, you take it out of the stove and allow the temperature decrease for 3 hours. After that strain the liquid and also massage it around the head to promote hair growth.


11. Relieves Dyspepsia Symptoms


If you’ve ever experienced heartburn and also burping attacks, felt bloated as well as sick in your stomach after consuming a hot and spicy meal, you may be struggling with dyspepsia – or even what we should generally termed as indigestion. However with artichokes around, you don’t have to undergo these kinds of pain.


Research demonstrated that individuals struggling with indigestion have demonstrated substantial enhancement right after receiving care along with artichoke leaf extracts.


An artichoke is considered to get qualities which encourages and also helps the flow or even secretion of bile from the gall bladder.