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Andrographis paniculata Extract powder-US stock available

  • Latin Name:   Andrographis paniculata
  • Synonyms:   Green Chirayta, Chuan Xin Lian,Common Andrographis Herb
  • Part of Used:   Leaf
  • Specifications:   Andrographolide 8%-98% HPLC/10:1 TLC
  • Appearance:   Brown fine powder/White to off-white fine powder
  • Application:   Food additive, dietary supplement, medicine
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Product name

Andrographis paniculata Extract powder

Latin Name

Andrographis paniculata

Active ingredients



Green Chirayta, Chuan Xin Lian, Kalmegh,King of bitters


Brown fine powder/White to off-white fine powder

Part used



Andrographolide 8%-98% HPLC,10:1 TLC


400mg daily

Main benefits

Anti-inflammatory, immunomodulator, anticarcinogen, antiviral

Applied industries

Food additive, dietary supplement, medicine


What is Andrographis paniculata Extract powder?


Andrographis paniculata is one of 2,500 species of plants belonging to the Acanthaceae family, many of which are native to India and south Asia. While this plant is known by various common names, the nomination of “King of Bitters” stands out since it bears testimony to the highly acrid taste all parts of the plant impart. In southern India, the herb is dubbed after the Telugu word for "ground," while the Malaysians affectionately call it hempedu bumi, which translates to mean, “bile of the earth.”


There are more distinguishing attributes to this plant than its pungent flavor, however. For one thing, it is one of the few species of Andrographis that possess medicinal properties. For another, this plant represents a range of therapeutic applications far broader than most single herbal remedies. In fact, andrographis paniculata plays a featured role in several traditional systems of healing, including those of India, Thailand, and China. A mere sampling of the plant’s pharmacological properties include analgesic, cardioprotective, expectorant, anti-inflammatory, hepatoprotective, and immunomodulating effects.


Chemical constituents of Andrographis paniculata Extract powder


The main active ingredients of this plant are andrographolides, which due to their chemical structure; belong to the diterpene lactones group. The biggest amount of andrographolides is found in the leaves thus giving the plant a bitter taste.


The leaves also contain other diterpene lactones, such as: neoandrographolide, andrographiside, 14-doexy-11, 12-didehydro andrographolide, etc., flavonoinds viz., oroxylin, wogonin, andrographidines A, B, C, D, E, F.


Benefits of taking Andrographis paniculata Extract powder supplements:


1.      Anti-inflammatory

The anti-inflammatory effect occurs because the dehydroandro-grapholides stimulate the production of ACTG in the hypophysis. The ACTG increases the synthesis and release of corticosteroids, which have an anti-inflammatory effect.


Dehydroandro-grapholides have a direct inhibitor effect over NF-kapa beta-, which is an important transcriptional factor related to the inflammatory response.


2.      Immunomodulator

Andrographis paniculata extract powder is a powerful stimulant for the immunologial system, through both the antigen specific and non specific way.


It optimizes the expression of the genes that codify the cytokines’ receptors, and the synthesis of the histocompatibility molecules, type I and II; in this way, it improves the interaction between the competent cells.


3.      Anticarcinogen

As it has been noted, malign cells appear when some cells do not respond to the signals that intend to limit their growth. When cells mature properly, they define their specialization in order to perform their respective functions. The carcinogenic cells are those that do not mature, and are similar to the embryonal cells. The more immature they are, the more aggressive the tumor will be.


Scientist used Andrographis paniculata extract powder in a test done with mice. They discovered that the terpenes from the plant caused the differentiation in Leukemia cells, making them to be more mature, and therefore, less aggressive.


The Andrographis paniculata extract powder, as well as causing the differentiation in cancerous cells, is also cytotoxic to those cells. This was demonstrated when it acted against the Epidermidal Carcinoma cells of the skin as well as some Lymphocytic Leukemia cells. 


In 1977, a clinical research was done on 60 patients that were affected with Skin Basalioma, 41 of which had Metastasis. According to “The Journal of Chinese Medicine”, 12 patients, who just received Andrographis paniculata extract powder, recovered.


In 1996, some tests showed that the extract blocked, in a very secure way, the development of Prostate Cancer, Breast Cancer and Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.  The scientist, based on the results of the effect of Andrographis paniculata over breast cancer cells, considered that the extract probably inhibits the synthesis of DNA in the carcinogenic cells.


4.      Antiviral


Andrographis paniculata extract powder is a powerful antiretroviral.All the viruses, including HIV, cannot reproduce without using the replication machinery of the cells. The HIV virus sticks to the cell, using CD4, CCR5 and CXCR4 molecules on its surface. The viruses tend to concentrate in the brain tissues and in the immunocompetent cells, which have those molecules, mainly CD4. When entering the cell, the viruses use a key enzyme to multiply themselves and this is called Reverse Transcriptase. The inhibitors of this enzyme are considered the most important agents used against AIDS; however, these drugs are very toxic. The alkaloids of Andrographis paniculata extract powder increase the action of the inhibitors over the Reverse Transcriptase, so that the dosage of the inhibitor drug can be reduced.


Andrographis paniculata inhibits the cyclon-dependant kinases’ phosphorilation which is induced by the viruses so that the cellular cycle of the infected CD4 cells stops, as well as the viruse’s dissemination.


The alkaloids of Andrographis paniculata also reduce the multiplication of the Hepatitis B, Herpes and Influenza viruses.


5.      Cardioprotective and antithrombotic

Andrographolides reduce the procoagulant potential and improve the rheological properties of the blood.  A research was done with rabbits that had an angioplasty.  It was noticed that those who had received, orally, 3 days before and 4 weeks after the surgery, the Andrographis paniculata extract powder, showed, in 70% of the cases, stenosis of the Lymphatic Vessel.  Those that did not receive the extract, in 100% of the cases, developed restenosis.

  It has been noticed that Andrographis paniculata extract powder reduce the size of the Myocardium in a very significative way. This is due to its capacity to activate the Fibrinolysis and to reduce the platalet’s aggregation.