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Company Information

Nutra Green, is a well noted global company who work on the research and innovation natural raw materials for health industry. For the near 10 years development, We are committed to the study of natural herbal products, especially for new herbs. We've provided many kinds of high quality herbal raw materials for many of pharmaceutical companies, food industry, supplements and skincare  products factories.

Nutra green has not only been very rich in experience on herbal raw materials, but to be rich in resource. Our founder's father has been running a private clinic since 1987, who is a very famous Chinese traditional doctor locally, in there clinic, there are only herbal medicine. She has been touch on herbal materials when she was a child. Her families always work on herbal crude raw material. At the beginning of working, she worked as a purchaser in a well-reputed company for herbal raw materials. In 2011, she founded her own company, insist on providing real, good-quality, effective raw materials for health industry. Product range is from botanical extracts, crude raw powder, to high purified active ingredients. 

For these years development, our factories are well-built in corresponding to GOOD QUALITY CONTROL SYSTEM STANDARD.  From the purchasing of herbal raw materials, manufacturing, test to packing and transportation, all of stages are under our rigorous control. The production operation is in strict accordance with GMP regulations, has a sound quality management standard system. Meanwhile, we have abilities to provide a set of completed paperwork for customers.

 Our team is easy to communicate with you to understand how to serve you better. We not only do Chinese raw material, but imported raw materials are also our advantage. We cooperated with university of TCM, to provide new material and make herbal test more accurately.

Why we can perform perfect in the market:

>Rigorous quality controls

>>Satisfied customer service 

>>>Innovation conceptions

>>>>Reasonable and competitive price


>Dietary supplements

>>Nutritional supplements

>>>Beverage industry

>>>>Health care products}

>>>>>Pharmaceutical industry

>>>>>> Comestic industry