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Polyporus umbellatus Extract

  • Latin Name:   Polyporus umbellatus(Pers.)Fri
  • Synonyms:   Zhu Ling, Chorei Maitake,P. umbellatus
  • Part of Used:   Fruit Body/ dry sclerotia
  • Specifications:   polysaccharides 10%-30%,10:1
  • Appearance:   Brown yellow fine powder
  • Application:   Medicine, food additive, dietary supplement
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Product name

Polyporus umbellatus Extract

Latin Name

Polyporus umbellatusPers.)Fries

Active ingredients



Zhu Ling, Chorei Maitake,P. umbellatus


Brown yellow fine powder

Part used

Fruit Body/ dry sclerotia


polysaccharides 10%-30%,10:1


1500-2000mg daily

Main benefits

Antioxidant, anticancer, anti-diabetes, Immune System Enhancement

Applied industries

Medicine, food additive, dietary supplement

What is Polyporus umbellatus Extract?

Polyporus umbellatus is a rare, edible species of mushroom, found growing on roots of old beeches or oak. It is also called Lumpy Bracket and Umbrella Polypore.

A close relative of Grifola frondosa (Maitake), P. umbellatus differs from most medicinal mushrooms in that traditionally it has been harvested as a hyphal mass, or sclerotium, which only forms when P. umbellatus is symbiotically associated with Armillaria species.

Polyporus umbellatus for common fungi medicinal materials in china, has a history of more than 2000 years of medicinal enjoys a high reputation both at home and abroad.

Li Shi Zhen, in his comprehensive materia medica the Ben Cao Gang Mu (1578), says of this mushroom's actions, quoting the earlier Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing, 'Dispersing invading vicious factors and facilitating urination. Long term use makes one feel happy and vigorous and look younger'

Chemical constituents of Polyporus umbellatus Extract

The contains of 7.89% crude protein, ether soluble extract 0.24%, crude fiber 46.06%, soluble polysaccharides, etc.; Also contains the free and combined type Biotin, 2 - Hydroxytetracosanoic acid, Ergo sterol.

It's the main active ingredients Polyporus umbellatus polysaccharides.

Benefits of taking Polyporus umbellatus Extract supplements:

 Like some mushroom polysaccharides material has the following effect:


>Adjusting immunity

>Improve cardiovascular disease

>Enhance metabolism



>Improve Neurological Symptom

Side effects and safety of Polyporus umbellatus Extract

Treated with Polyporus umbellatus polysaccharide doses of 100 times or continuous lavage or intraperitoneal injection for 28 days, the results in mice and dogs saw no toxic effects, the viscera also did not see substantial damage. Cause cancer, birth defects, such as allergies and skin irritation test were not seen grifola polysaccharide has the obvious toxicity and stimulation.

Dosage of Polyporus umbellatus Extract supplement:

General Advice , Polyporus umbellatus Extract polysaccharides 20% 1000mg-2000mg a day.

Company Information:

Nutragreen Biotechnology Co., Ltd, a brand of Shanghai Lvshang Biotech Co., Ltd, is a GMP compliant and FDA registered manufacturer and supplier of raw materials of plant extracts, botanicals, herbs, especially Tradtional Chinese herbs. Polyporus umbellatus Extract is one of our most competitive ingredients with various specifications and stocks available all year round. You may leave a message below for more detailed information.

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