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Laminarin (Brown Seaweed extract)

  • Latin Name:   Laminaria japonica
  • Synonyms:   laminaran
  • Part of Used:   Whole plant
  • Specifications:   Laminarin 10%-98% UV
  • Appearance:   Brown fine powder
  • Application:   Medicine, food additive, dietary supplement, sports nutrition
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Product name

Laminarin (Brown Seaweed extract)

Latin Name

Laminaria japonica

Active ingredients





Brown fine powder

Part used

Whole plant


Laminarin 10%-98%UV


Main benefits

Inhibit tumor growth, Improve the renal failure, Reduce blood fat, Lower blood pressure

Applied industries

Medicine, food additive, dietary supplement, sports nutrition 

What is Laminarin (Brown Seaweed extract) ?

The molecule laminarin (also known as laminaran) is a storage glucan (a polysaccharide of glucose) found in brown algae. It is used as a carbohydrate food reserve in the same way that chrysolaminarin is used by phytoplankton. It is created by photosynthesis and is made up of β(13)-glucan with β(16)-linkages. It is a linear polysaccharide, with a β(13):β(16) ratio of 3:1.

Benefits of taking Laminarin (Brown Seaweed extract) supplements:

1. Inhibit tumor growth

Tumor cells can reproduce indefinitely in the human body due to gene mutations. Alginic sugar of seaweed polysaccharide gum, can activate macrophages, and produce the cytotoxic to inhibit tumor cell proliferation and kill tumor cells.

2. Improve the renal failure

Seaweed polysaccharide (laminarin) can discrease the content of urine protein and increase the creatinine clearance, can effectively improve the renal failure. Compared with the edible Chinese herbal medicine, seaweed polysaccharide are more easily absorbed by human body and more convenient, also, can reduce the mental pressure of the patients with kidney failure.

3. Reduce blood fat

Research shows that the occurrence of cardiovascular disease (CVD) is often associated with high fat and cholesterol content in the blood. Seaweed polysaccharide can turn the fat out of the in vitro of chime, and can effectively lower the fat and cholesterol, and without the side effects of lipid-lowering drugs.

4. Lower blood pressure

Seaweed polysaccharides can effectively reduce human artery systolic blood pressure, can tenderly and effectively reduce the systolic and diastolic blood pressure of patients with high blood pressure. Seaweed polysaccharide can be used as the auxiliary hypertension step-down components

Side effects and safety of Laminarin (Brown Seaweed extract)

Laminarin (Brown Seaweed extract) is non-toxic. contemporary science and medical clinical tests have proved that non-toxic and no side effects.

Dosage of Laminarin (Brown Seaweed extract) supplement:

Because dietary supplements and foods are not required to seek approval from the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), studies to find the safest and most effective dosages for dietary supplements or foods are rarely performed. Without such studies, only vague "trial and error" information is typically available. Even if good dosing information were available, there may be significant variability of the content, purity, and strength among different brands of the same dietary supplement, making consistently safe and effective dosing difficult.

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