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Bee Larva Powder

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  • Specifications:   Protein 18%min
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protein: 20.3%
fat: 7.5%
carbohydrate: 19.5%
trace elements: 0.5%
humidity: 42.7%


Bee Larva is an ideal food that contains the high protein, low fat, various vitamins with trace elements.

The Bee Larva nutritional value does not lower than the pollen, has greater content of vitamin A than beef contains. It is only close to fish in protein, but the vitamin D exceeds the fish 10 times.

Bee Larva(bee larvae) can strengthen bodily functions, bring down physical stress ; chilly disease, get rid of tiredness; improves and prevents hair loss; dizzy, lumbago, shoulder ache etc.


Inner packing: 1Kg/Aluminous alloy bag
Outer packing: 20KG/Carton

Shelf Life and Storage:

Store in a cool dry area. Do NOT Freeze. Keep away from strong direct light.
24 Months when properly stored.

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Product: Bee Larva Powder