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Adrafinil powder

  • Latin Name:   
  • Synonyms:   Adrafinil ,(RS)-2- benzhydrylsulfinylethanehydroxamic acid
  • Part of Used:   
  • Specifications:   99% Min HPLC
  • Appearance:   White crystalline powder
  • Application:   Nootropic
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Brand Name


CAS Number


Molecular Formula


Molecular Weight



99% Min HPLC


White crystalline powder



Loss on drying

1% Max.


150-300mg a day



Main benefits

Improve cognitive function through an increase in mental focus, concentration, and memory.

Applied industry


What is Adrafinil?
Adrafinil is a synthetic Nootropic compound. It is a prodrug for Modafinil, meaning supplementation of adrafinil leads to increased concentrations of modafinil in the body.
Adrafinil ({diphenylmethyl}sulfinyl-2 acetohydroxamic acid), sold until recently under the brand name of Olmifon, is a prodrug of the stimulant Modafinil and synthetic substance not found in any dietary source. Due to a lack of purported amphetamine-like stimulatory effects, adrafinil is classified as a eugregoric agent (an agent who promotes wakefulness and alertfulness).
Adrafinil works vicariously through modafinil. Further research is needed to determine the exact mechanisms of modafinil, but preliminary evidence suggests histaminergic signaling may play a vital role.
Relationship between Adrafinil and Modafinil
Orally ingested adrafinil may undergo one of two metabolic fates. The main metabolite is the active modafinil, which is itself metabolized to the inactive modafinilic acid. Adrafinil can also be metabolized to inactive modafinilic acid without conversion to modafinil. The resulting modafinil can also be metabolized to a second inactive product, modafinil sulfone, but only after modafinil is produced from adrafinil.
 Adrafinil can be metabolized into modafinil, which is then metabolized to the inert modafinilic acid or modafinil sulfone. Adrafinil may also be metabolized directly to modafinilic acid without producing modafinil.
Elimination of adrafinil from the body parallels that of modafinil, via urinary excretion.
How does Adrafinil work?
One popular theory suggests that it increases the brain neurotransmitter, hypocretin. Hyprocretin helps promote wakefulness, arousal and appetite. Increasing the level of hypocretin in the hypothalamus is thought to increase the levels of dopamine, norepinephrine and histamine. The increase of these three chemicals in the hypothalamus is thought to be the main nootropic action of adrafinil and modafinil.
There is another possible method of action of adrafinil that is less popular than the above mentioned theory. The theory suggests that adrafinil and modafinil activate the glutamate pathways and inhibit the GABAeric ones. This would lead to increased alertness and wakefulness.
Benefits of taking Adrafinil supplements:
1. Improve cognitive
>Adrafinil: effects on behavior and cognition in aged canines.
Siwak CT1, Callahan H, Milgram NW.
Author information
1. Adrafmil is a novel vigilance promoting agent developed in France by Louis Lafon Laboratories. 2. Adrafinil causes increased locomotion without producing stereotypical activity in canines tested in an open field. 3. The effectiveness of a single treatment is long-lasting, and the effectiveness persists over repeated treatments. 4. Acquisition of a size discrimination problem is enhanced by adrafinil. This may be linked to performance motivation. 5. Adrafinil causes a long-lasting increase in high frequency electroencephalographic activity recorded from cortical electrodes. 6. These results indicate that adrafinil is novel behavioral stimulant with cognitive enhancing potential. The underlying mechanisms of action are still unknow
2. Relieve excessive sleepiness and inattention.
>The effect of adrafinil on the nocturnal activity of the rhesus monkey (Macaca mulatta)
Milhaud CL, Klein MJ.
The nocturnal activity of a primate was used as an evaluation criterium for a stimulating substance: adrafinil (CRL 40028). Ten rhesus monkeys were placed in a controlled environment and their activity was measured, in relative time, using an ultra-sound system. The animals repeatedly received 60, 90 and 120 mg X kg-1 adrafinil per os. Globally, the dose of 60 mg X kg-1 doubled the animals' nocturnal activity whereas 90 and 120 mg X kg-1 increased it fourfold, the activity level becoming practically identical to diurnal activity. The effects of 60 mg X kg-1 were only significant after the second treatment whereas doses of 90 and 120 mg X kg-1 were already significantly efficient after the first administration. A stimulating effect persisted approximately 36 hrs after the second treatment with 90 or 120 mg X kg-1. No sedative effect of recovery was observed during the posttreatment phase.
3. Can help with focus and even assist with ADHD symptoms.
>A possibe alpha-adrenergic mechanism for drug (CRL 40028)-induced hyperactivity.
Duteil J, Rambert FA, Pessonnier J, Gombert R, Assous E.
CRL 40028 (benzhydryl sulfinyl acetohydroxamic acid)-induced stimulation in mice, measured as an increase in locomotor activity was studied following an intraperitoneal injection of drugs known to block alpha-adrenergic receptors. Phenoxybenzamine (20 mg/kg), prazosin (0.5-1 mg/kg) and yohimbine (2 mg/kg) prevented the development of CRL 40028-induced hyperactivity. These results suggest that stimulation of an alpha-adrenergic postsynaptic receptor is of importance for the stimulant effect of CRL 40028.
Side effects and safety of Adrafinil
In rats, one month of oral treatment up to 400mg/kg or three months treatment up to 200mg/kg has failed to cause any signs of toxicity. LD50 values vary amongst species but have been measured at 1,250mg/kg (mice) and 3,400mg/kg (rats). An apparent suicide attempt in a human subject through modafinil overdosing (4,500mg acutely) produced insomnia and hyperexcitation which reversed after 24 hours of hospitalization.
 Adrafinil is soluble in ethanol. Do not use if you are pregnant/breastfeeding. Do NOT use if you have liver problems. Adrafinil may raise liver enzymes, cause hepatotoxicity and other liver problems in some people. Extremely rare side effects may include allergic reactions. Consult a doctor prior to using. By using our products, you agree to our terms & conditions.
Adrafinil belongs to the “eurgeroic” category. It is broken down into Modafinil within the liver which results in very similar effects. Adrafinil and Modafinil are both wakefulness enhancers. Unlike Modafinil, Adrafinil is currently unregulated in the USA and can be purchased privately. With this said, it is a very powerful compound that can have unpleasant side effects so caution is advised.
Dosage of Adrafinil supplement:
Recommended Dosage: 150-300mg a day.

Company Information:
Nutragreen Biotechnology Co., Ltd, a brand of Shanghai Lvshang Biotech Co., Ltd, is a GMP compliant and FDA registered manufacturer and supplier of raw materials of plant extracts, botanicals, herbs, especially Tradtional Chinese herbs. Adrafinil is one of our most competitive ingredients with various specifications and stocks available all year round. You may leave a message below for more detailed information.