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Company Information

Nutra Green, focuses on the research, manufacturing and innovation raw materials for dietary supplements, sports nutrition supplements, bodybuilding and fitness, brain fitness, the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. We are a professional nutritional ingredients manufacturer and supplier of plant extracts, natural herb powders, nutrition supplements, amino acids and biochemical products

Nutra Green is a well established company with over 10 years of experience supplying herbal raw materials in the domestic market. We understand that as competition increases, PRODUCT QUALITY is the main factor which can make a difference between success and failure. Our manufacturers are GMP, ISO compliant and have HACCP, Kosher Certificates and are well develop & advanced. The production operation is in strict accordance with GMP regulations, has a sound quality management standard system. Beginning with the purchasing of herbal raw materials, our capabilities include full technical support to our customers for manufacturing processes, analytical methods, clinical research and dosage applications. We insist on providing satisfying service and innovative solutions to improve customers’ profitability and provides optimal value.

In Gansu province and Heilongjiang province we have GAP standard planting bases, mainly researching and planting natural medicinal plants, such as Rhodiola rosea, GinsengGanoderma lucidum, Wolfberry, Rheum, Angelica, AstragalusLicorice root, Green tea, Grape seed, Epimedium brevicornu (Horny Goat Weed), Boswellia serrata, Magnolia Barketc. We also can provide raw materials from products introduced  from abroad, such as Garcinia Cambodgia, Green coffee bean, GuaranaChlorophytum borivilianum (Safed Musli) and others imported raw materials.

Since 2000, Nutra Green has sent professional technical personnel to ensure the quality of planting in Gansu medicinal planting base, implementing in situ testing for medicinal plants and eliminating the over-standard harmful ingredients. Meanwhile, we have established a long cooperative relationship with Gansu Agricultural University to develop and research innovative ingredients for the Nutritional Market. The lab has imported the advanced equipment from Germany and Korea for guaranteeing the content of active ingredients. For the development and practical application of medicinal plants, Nutra Green has its own medical experts team with decades of clinical experience. From the purchasing of raw materials and the development of new ingredients to industrial production and quality management, Nutra Green controls all stages of the manufacturing process.

Why we can perform perfect in the market:

>Rigorous quality controls

>>Satisfied customer service 

>>>Innovation conceptions

>>>>Reasonable and competitive price


>Dietary supplements

>>Nutritional supplements

>>>Beverage industry

>>>>Health care products}

>>>>>Pharmaceutical industry

>>>>>> Comestic industry